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Filing a Successful Slip-and-Fall Claim Against Costco

Thousands of customers pass through Illinois Costco stores weekly. They purchase items in bulk from Costco’s warehouse-like store. Costco’s cavernous stores are filled with potential dangers. Like all other stores in Illinois, Costco must protect its customers from injury. That means the store must take precautions to guard against patrons slipping and falling on liquids […]

Monetary Compensation for Inner Ear Injuries

Ears are complicated and susceptible to injuries in accidents. Sometimes ear injuries show few or no outward signs that indicate that anything is wrong. The symptoms of an ear injury can vary greatly depending on which part of the ear is injured. The symptoms include dizziness, hearing loss, and sensitivity to sounds.  The inner ear […]

Compensation For Bone Fractures in Illinois Car Accidents

Broken bones are severe and painful injuries. Fractures require a long time to heal and rehabilitate. An accident victim who sustains a broken bone in an auto crash that was caused by the recklessness or negligence of another may have a right to pursue monetary damages against the other driver and any other person whose […]

Illinois Governor, State Police Beg Motorists to Move Over

CHICAGO, Ill. — Illinois Governor JB Pritzker along with the Head of the Illinois State Police joined in a press conference to reiterate to the public that motorists in Illinois must move over when approaching a patrol car with the emergency lights on while roadside according to ABC 7 Chicago.  Governor Pritzker and the State Police reminded […]

Compensation For Vision Loss After an Illinois Car Crash

Of our five senses, people generally say that their vision is one they would never want to go without. Our eyes quite literally are our windows to the world. It is almost unimaginable how devastating losing one’s eyesight would be if the loss of vision happened naturally. The sense of loss might be that much […]

Illinois Auto Accident Law Firm Discusses Facial Injuries

Facial injuries and scarring are common injuries that arise out of auto accidents. Anytime one vehicle strikes another car, or a vehicle hits a motorcycle, cyclist, or pedestrian, the people involved are at an elevated risk of sustaining a facial injury. Injuries to the face can be severe and the consequences of the injury far-reaching. […]

Frequent Facial Injuries in Illinois Car Crashes

Facial injuries in an Illinois auto collision range from the relatively minor, such as a chipped tooth or a black eye, to severe facial lacerations, broken bones, deformed facial features, and burns. The severity and mechanism of injury to the face depends upon the physical factors at play in the crash. The size, weight of […]

Pedestrian Accidents in Chicago Can Happen in Many Ways

Pedestrians walking in Chicago experience danger coming from all directions. Without warning, pedestrians in Chicago can find themselves in perilous situations because of the action, or inaction, of a careless motorist. Some locations are more dangerous than others to be sure. However, any time pedestrians and motor vehicles must share the same space the situation […]